October: The best sports month

Jotham Israel, Sports Editor

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to recognize and honor the greatest 31 days that any sports fan can imagine having.

That’s right; I’m saying it. October is a month unmatched by any other when it comes to sports. The variety of athletic entertainment is too satisfying for any high school, college or professional sports fan.

I’ve been telling some of my friends about this lovable and versatile month, and I think it’s about time I show the public just how great this sports month is. Let’s take a tour through this championship line-up, shall we?

First, we have football, the most popular sport in America. At this time of year, it’s the middle of football season for both college football and the NFL. (Week nine and week eight respectively.)

For NFL fans, this is when we start to have ship loads of fun trying to figure out who’s going to make it to the postseason, especially as we await ESPN to release its Playoff Machine around late November.

As for college football fans, the championship chase really heats up, especially with the upcoming games that will most definitely determine who contends for the College Football Playoff.

To top all of it off, the match ups were very interesting. Auburn-LSU, Wisconsin-Ohio State and Notre Dame-Michigan had their own impacts on the CFP. Saturday nights as a whole just wouldn’t be the same without college football.

Up next is baseball, the only American pro sport that is currently in its championship round, also known as the World Series.

It’s been a historic season for the MLB as the league set records for home runs and strikeouts, and when you’re talking October baseball, that is the MLB’s bread and butter.

We saw three DS Game 5s, the Nationals pulled off the most remarkable postseason run I’ve ever seen and we still has a Nationals-Astros game seven to watch tonight. This is exactly what October baseball is all about.

Wait a minute, let’s not forget about basketball! The Washington Mystics closed out the WNBA season with their first championship three weeks ago, and the extremely hyped up NBA season just started last week.

Hockey is in the house as well. After the 2019 NHL Playoffs, the league just got even more competitive and entertaining. Soccer is also on the squad, especially with the MLS Cup Playoffs underway.

The moral of the story is that the month of October is the undisputed champion of sports. The variety of entertainment that is unraveled in this month is enough to make any fan of any sport rejoice. Enjoy it while it lasts!