A Love Letter To You 4 Review


Karina Duncan, Feature Co-Editor

Trippie Redd has released another Love Letter to You album making this the fourth in the series.  Trippie has been doing these projects for the past few years with these albums and making the fans only want it more every album. With this new Trippie Redd album, I felt like it was rushed and he is just putting out music just to have it out there. There’s a few good songs on this album but most of it just feels off and for a fan just doesn’t feel right.  Who Needs Love was one of my favorites on the album with the tone of his voice changing and having a great melody throughout the song. The whole vibe didn’t feel the same with the last couple of albums and it just doesn’t hit right. The songs aren’t the exact same and I feel that it’s because Trippie is in a different mindset now in his life and is making different content then he was before then.  What I’m seeing in this is that the fans want a break within him and how he releases his music. This album feels like hes trying to do more than he can, getting a different sound within the music and getting more into the music other than the voice. He is always in a sense of heartbreak or in love with his music, but as a fan, I want to see more than just love. I would recommend this album for people that are die hard Trippie Redd fans and people that want to hear something different within the rap sound.