Justin Bieber’s changes


Justin Bieber recently ended his five-year hiatus and gave fans his eighth studio album, “Changes”, on Valentine’s Day. The wannabe R&B album felt like a gift to his wife that the whole world didn’t have to hear. 

After ending his ‘Purpose’ tour for his well-being in 2017, fans didn’t really hear much music from Bieber, until earlier this year when he released his single, ‘Yummy.’ Long story short, Yummy wasn’t very yummy. It was actually the complete opposite. 

The song is very annoying and  sounds like the children’s song ‘Baby Shark’ with the way he repeats himself over and over again,.  

Yummy wasn’t a good choice for Bieber to choose as the lead single and it would’ve been the same story if he was to pick any other song. 

The problem with Changes is that he was trying too hard to fit into the Hip Hop/ R&B scene, which isn’t his forte. But as you get to the end of the album, you feel the more mature and romantic version of the Justin we’re used to. 

Also, the choruses for a few of the songs were very good but the verses that came before and after couldn’t keep up. Having a really good chorus isn’t good enough. 

His voice wasn’t a problem. In my opinion, Justin is an amazing singer with an angelic voice, but what he was singing about wasn’t good. 

By the time I got to the fourth song, ‘Intentions,’ I had to stop and ask myself if this whole album is dedicated to his wife, Hailey Bieber. It’s cute to write a song or two for your love, but every single song is a little too much. 

It made the album feel more personal and made me feel really uncomfortable listening to it. Again, this could’ve been a gift to Hailey that he thought was a good idea to share with the rest of the world. 

The only song that is actually worth listening to is ‘All Around Me,’ which is a sweet and nicely put together song where he explains how he was before his marriage compared to how he is now. 

Another song that is listenable, but only because of what he’s explaining, is track number thirteen, ‘Changes.’  Justin was trying to get listeners to understand him by being honest and explaining that he’s human just like the rest of us. 

Bieber had some big names appear on the album like Quavo, Travis Scott, Post Malone, and more. Sadly, they all failed. Quavo is not a good feature to have on a pop song and Travis Scott is the auto tune king but said random things that didn’t sound right in the song ‘Second Emotion.’

Justin Bieber has now fallen into the list of artists who haven’t released anything worth listening to in 2020. There were a lot of changes in Justin Bieber, none of them good, so the title of his first release in five years makes total sense. This album comes out to a 2.5 out of 10.