Setting the tone for relaxation


After a long wait, Tame Impala released their new album The Slow Rush. The album was finally released on Valentine’s Day, after fans waited five years for a new project. This whole album gives me a vibe that we have already heard through Tame Impala’s journey through the music world. I love the way the songs fit perfectly within each other and how listeners can all get into the songs from the start of the album.
I feel that this album was worth the wait to fans, and you can definitely see the time and creativity that went into this album. Kevin Parker shines through his voice and with what he can do throughout the music scene with this project. This specific album does have the same vibe as the previous album Currents, but I do feel that Kevin Parker put out a different sound for this album.
Out of all the songs on this album, the one that stood out the most would have to be “Posthumous Forgiveness.” The lyrics and the beat blend perfectly and really made the song pop out to me. This song is my favorite off the album with the unique sound that just makes me feel a sense of joy from the start of listening to it.
The songs make people feel emotional about everything going on in their lives and helps people cope with their emotions through the songs. This project really gave me a sense of clarity with the music and how it affects my life throughout the music scene.
This album makes me get lost in time with the music, I really didn’t even know how long the album was because of my lost perception of time while listening to it. It made me feel so spaced out and the album just sounds like a long song. This project was a more upbeat sound, which we see with Kevin Parker’s music when we get new projects, but this one was something different and you can definitely see that by listening to it.
With the lost perception of time throughout this project, it makes fans not even know how long we have been away from the scene of the last album. Some of the songs run far longer than they should, but the album still feels like it’s the way it should have been written.
In my opinion, this album was a great listen and being five years since we have received an album that was made best that it could be. The whole project is just everything I expected and more.
By having such a specific sound, this album beats all expectations from fans not knowing what would have come with this project.
This album did not beat the last album Tame Impala created, but it comes very close to the masterpiece that it is. There is still so much beauty and creativity in this work and it should be appreciated by listeners.
I feel that people who like alternative music should check this album out! It was such an experience listening to this album for the first time and I feel that many people would enjoy this work of art. If you are looking to try something new, this album is definitely for you. Give it a try and I promise you will find something special within the lyrics.