A week with Cold Showers


Karina Duncan, Feature Co-Editor

One day I woke up and wondered if I started taking cold showers, would there be a change in the way I go throughout my day? I was on a mission to figure out if this theory that I have been hearing about would work for me. The first thing I did was to researching what the benefits and effects of taking cold showers would be.
According to Health line, “For people with depression, cold showers can work as a gentle electroshock therapy.” I decided to take cold showers for a week to see if it would have any effect on my mental health and the way I feel during the school day.
Before I started the week with cold showers every morning, I wanted to see before I started how much this caused a change in my everyday life and my productivity during school. Also, I wanted to see how it impacted my moods and with how much it changed how I acted and felt. Usually, every night I take a hot shower before I go to bed, but for this week I decided to take cold showers before I went to school every morning. I wanted to see if it would change the way I act and see if it helps me lower my stress throughout the week. I knew that before I started this week that I had to change my daily routine and I wanted to see how much this would impact it.
On Monday morning, I woke up an hour before I would usually wake up and took a cold shower. This whole thing made me feel stressed out but alert at the same time. I started the day off feeling significantly more awake and my chest felt like it had a lot of pressure on it for the first two hours after the shower. At school I felt so much more engaged in class, and felt much happier in a weird way.
Tuesday didn’t go too well. I didn’t wake up when I was supposed to. It was a major setback because I felt so tired and I couldn’t focus the same way I did before. But once I got back onto my schedule I felt so much more awake and it made my mood go up like it was Monday.
All of the days during this experiment went fairly the same as the first one, resulting in increased alertness during school. I noticed how much more motivation I had to do things, and not always being so tired during the day. The cold showers really opened an eye for me to get up and get things going. With this experience for me, I did notice that I wasn’t as moody as I usually am in the mornings taking the cold shower. I wasn’t as bored during the day and it made me see that I wasn’t getting as upset as I used to be during the day.
I usually don’t wake up that early before school unless it’s a special occasion, but for this trial I had to wake up and that was one of the hardest parts for me. I am not a morning person at all and I don’t think anything will ever make me one.
This was something that I needed to do to see if it would help me my motivation throughout the day. It did show me that if I have something important to do, that this would help if I really needed a pick me up. That’s it’s not the initial problem for me, it’s the fact that I need more sleep in general and a better sleep schedule.
Having this week did show me a lot with my motivation and doing things to the best of my ability. I need to be more alert and with that I need to get more sleep, but if I do need something to wake me up cold showers is a great thing to have once in a while.
I noticed that it really sucks to get up an hour earlier before school to take a cold shower but it did work for the week I tried it. I will not be keeping this up for myself, resulting in increased attentiveness during school I think it would be a great thing to try if you need something to wake you up in the morning for school.