PTSD vs. My Turn

On February 28th, the first controversial music question of the year was born: Which album is better:  “PTSD” or “My Turn?” Chicago’s G Herbo and Atlanta’s Lil Baby released their separate albums in February, which started a lot of conversation. 

For starters, you cannot compare G Herbo and Lil Baby. They’re both two completely different rappers who both rap about two completely different things, which is something you can see in both album’s covers. 

The cover art for “My Turn” is a painting like photo of Mr. Baby himself sitting on the edge of a cliff with his feet dangling over water. Around him are goats, which is usually something he’s referred to. 

The album cover for “PTSD,” which stands for post traumatic stress disorder, pays respect to his fallen friends, including the late Juice WRLD. It’s G Herbo holding an American Flag with bullet holes in it. Fifty late celebrities replaced the fifty stars in the left hand corner of the flag. 

The album covers show how different the two are. From Lil Baby’s, you can learn that he wants to be seen and noticed. Instead of taking that road, G Herbo shows faces of people close to him that are no longer with him instead of showing his own face. 

In 2012, sixteen year old G Herbo, then known as Lil Herb, released “Kill Sh*t,” with Chicago rapper Lil Bibby. The song speaks on pain, trauma, and the Chicago life that helped pave a way for Drill, a style of trap music that started in the South Side of Chicago. 

Meanwhile, Lil Baby didn’t start rapping until four years ago in 2016. When he got out of serving two years in jail, he decided to give rapping a try after rapper Young Thug paid Baby to leave his hood and get into a studio. 

From 2014 up to now, G Herbo has released nine albums, three of them being released in 2016. While from 2016 to 2018, Lil Baby put out seven projects.

Seven projects in two years is a lot, especially when you’re new in the industry. Additionally, putting out that much work back to back doesn’t give you a lot of time to improve on your craft, which is a major issue Lil Baby has. 

“My Turn” can be looked at as ‘the same old Baby.’ You can hear his improvement in being a songwriter, but he still continued to rap about street life and what he left behind. 

The difference between the two rappers is that G Herbo is a storyteller while Lil Baby is not. Baby is not descriptive enough to draw a full image in the listener’s heads or make his scenes come to life. 

On the other hand you have G Herbo, who is a heartful storyteller in his songs. “PTSD” really shows who he truly is. In the album he talks about the trauma he’s lived with and having trouble overcoming what he’s experienced in the past. 

Now, the featured artists on the albums. 

The features on “PTSD” were amazing. Herbo had artists from Juice WRLD to Lil Durk to Polo G to Chance the Rapper and more,  while Lil Baby only had four other Allstars on his team: Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Young Thug, and of course, Gunna. 

Also, G Herbo told very true and realistic stories. The stories made it feel like you were right there experiencing everything with him. 

Even Though “My Turn,” wasn’t better than “PTSD” in any way, shape, or form, it still debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. It’s because Lil Baby makes music that can be played at parties and get people moving, while G Herbo’s is gonna make the world sit down and actually listen to what’s being shared.

The world doesn’t wanna think or learn something from a song, which is why Lil Baby had his turn at being number one when really it should’ve been G Herbo.