How to Contribute to Our ‘Pandemic Diary’


Image created by Ella Ermshler

Contribute to our Pandemic Diary. See the Feature section for details.

We are looking for members of the community to participate in our new column: The Pandemic Diary.  We are attempting to document our collective experience, so we are making room for H-F staff and students to share snippets of daily life while e-learning.  We want anecdotes, memories, quirky encounters and events that surprise or inspire. 

Interested yet?

Good! To participate, here are the rules:

Each entry needs to be 50 – 300 words. The limit is 300. We are serious about that limit.

Complete the entry in a Google Document. Then, share that document with the H-F Voyager at: [email protected] OR copy and paste your writing in this form.

Include your full name and email address on the top of your document.

You will get an email from an editor if your piece is selected for publication. You will be asked to verify that you are the author of the piece and that all information provided is true (your writing shouldn’t appear anywhere else and you were, in fact, the witness of or participant in the event described).

We will edit your piece for grammar and AP style, so it is ready for publication.

Not sure what to write? Take a look at these prompts for inspiration (you are not limited to this list!):

What acts of kindness have you witnessed or participated in during this pandemic?

How has the virus disrupted your daily life? What are you missing? School, sports, competitions, extracurricular activities, social plans, vacations or anything else?

What changes, big or small, are you noticing in the world around you?

How is your family celebrating birthdays and holidays during the pandemic?

How have your relationships changed?


We are excited to read your stories!