‘This Dream that I Don’t Consider a Nightmare’


Photo by Maleko Myers

Commuters exit the Metra at the Homewood train station in tight groups with their companions to socially distance while also wearing masks.

In Life, There Are Pros and Cons

Dear Diary:

Covid-19. Coronavirus. Corona. “Coro” or “Covi” as Nigerians have called it… the flu-like disease that has caused the world wide pandemic we are currently living through. As many people know, this pandemic has ended many businesses and scared the lives of many.

Fortunate for me, I couldn’t say the same.

In a generation like this one–with so much chaos and confusion, with the elections, racism, and violence–this pandemic has almost been a distraction from the outside word. They say, “You never realize how much you need something until it isn’t there,” which is so true.

In the past couple months I’ve got in tune with myself, my goals, and my future. For instance, at school, I would’ve never thought to “wish I could go to school” until two weeks out of school turned into seven months. However, I’ve been able to stack money at my job as I didn’t have as many other things to worry about.

My mother who had just had my younger brother a little over a year ago always lamented on the price of child care and how ridiculous the price you pay was in comparison to the quality. Thanks to the pandemic, she is also able to work from home, and baby sit without the burden of paying an additional bill.

I do miss the way this  year would’ve turned out had it been normal: I would have attended my Junior prom, I’ve missed out on full season varsity sports, graduations, travels, and birthday celebrations, but what can we say?

We just have to hope that it’ll be a matter of time before we’re out of this dream that I don’t consider a nightmare, as there is good in the bad.

Ayomide Ajayi, Junior

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