Teachers’ Artwork Featured in IAEA’s Membership Exhibition


Two of the six artworks that are featured in this year’s IAEA’s Membership Exhibition. From left to right: “Loss,” an oil painting by graphic design and photography teacher Kristine Marcordes; “Isolated Beauty,” a photograph by photography and IB art teacher Candi Helsel.

Artwork by two H-F teachers, Candi Helsel and Kristine Marcordes, were chosen by the Illinois Art Education Association to be a part of the IAEA Virtual Membership Exhibition this year.

According to the IAEA’s website, the Membership Exhibition is an annual event where educators can submit 1-3 recent pieces of art to the exhibition, where the pieces will be displayed during an annual conference on Nov. 6 and 7.

Both Helsel and Marcordes submitted three pieces of artwork to the exhibition, which are featured in the photo gallery below.

For the remainder of the school year, Helsel and Marcordes’s work will be displayed on the IAEA’s website.