Life as a Freshman During a Pandemic


Freshman Caroline Johnson finding fun outdoors with her roommate.

2020 has been a year of new beginnings. Wearing masks, social distancing and for some, it also meant the start to their college career. 

The typical college experience of going to parties and meeting new friends, is unfortunately not the reality this year. Due to the pandemic, many students were forced to start their freshman years from home by E-Learning. It is understandable that these young adults are disappointed with the situation they are in. 

Caroline Johnson, a freshman on campus at Marquette University, feels as though she is making the most of the situation. 

Although it may not be the ideal situation for her, she feels strongly that she has definitely gotten to have a unique experience whether it’s for the better or the worse. 

“Being a freshman has been both interesting and boring. I would be lying if I said it was incredibly enjoyable, but you learn to make the best of what you have,” Johnson said. “I remember seeing some of my closest friends leave last year and getting excited to have that same experience, so you can say this year has been a bit disappointing.”

Not all students have been lucky enough to get the opportunity of being on campus this semester. Freshman Caleb Horeth has been attending Grinnell College from the comfort of his own home this semester since no one has been allowed on campus.

He feels strongly that although he is not on campus, he is still being put in a position to succeed. 

“Online classes have given me mixed emotions. While I would love to be on campus, I am glad to see the school decided to stay online to ensure the safety of their students. Although it is disappointing, I have been given all the resources I need to succeed,” Horeth said. 

Meeting new friends is something every freshman college student looks forward to, but unfortunately the already difficult task has become significantly harder. 

“One of the biggest parts about college is meeting new people, but unfortunately the pandemic has 100 percent limited that experience for so many people,” Johnson said.

Not all freshmen feel as if their experience has been significantly impacted by the pandemic. Freshman at Depaul University Ben Hamer, says he has had a great start to his college experience. 

“So far I have had an awesome college experience; I have been able to meet some very cool people as well as partake in a lot of fun activities,” said Hamer. 

Without a doubt, this chaotic year has had an impact on everyone no matter what their circumstances may be. Learning to deal with these new challenges has sparked a new mindset for many people, and Johnson is no different. She discussed her new ways she has found to have fun during her interview.

“I have found ways to compensate for the lack of a social scene. I go to school in Milwaukee, so if there is nothing to do on campus I walk downtown or head to Lake Michigan with friends where we can hang out and do things like play spike ball,” said Johnson.

While each of these college freshmen have a variety of different emotions on the beginning of their college careers, they are all looking for the small things in life to bring them each a bit of joy.