Band’s Daily Concert

Photo by Joe Sullivan

Photo by Joe Sullivan

Nizhoni Ward, Writer

Although the pandemic continues through the first semester, that hasn’t stopped the H-F band from persevering through it. Both students and teachers have been still practicing hard to come back even stronger.

H-F has been conducting virtual classes since August. That means most classes, clubs and after-school activities have all been through google meets, including band. 

“Band is a bit more difficult this year due to the fact we aren’t meeting and I can’t play with an actual group,” sophomore Moises Contreras said. “But we still manage and I still do continue to do my best with what I’m given.”

It is a difficult time, especially being in a class where it is necessary to meet. But the band has progressed and made solutions for everything. 

Sarah Whitlock,  the band director, talks about a normal day in the class. “I usually put them into groups and they practice a piece of music.” Whitlock said. “After they’ve done that, then they’d record it for me to master and put together to make the ensemble.”

Patience is key to this whole E-Learning experience. Especially, when you’re doing a music class over a computer. 

“I’m even learning as we go on,” Whitlock said. “But I try my best to make it fun and keep them social”

Whitlock works even outside school hours just to perfect the mastering of the students’ recording. She tries to plan the school day and hopes to keep that social aspect of band there. 

“Band is different from last year for the obvious reason of not being able to meet face to face. But the band is fun, and I enjoy how our teacher is running things virtually.” Contreras said.

This is the main struggle through band right now. However, they still manage and are doing a great job.

“It’s difficult to stay focused and motivated to do things now. When we were in school, it was so much easier because we were learning in person. Now we have to learn music on our own and we have to want to do it.” sophomore Ana-Maria Zambrano said.

It has definitely been a difficult year. Everyone is struggling to keep that motivation for school even though it’s through a computer. We all may have thought it would be easier but there are some things out of our control.

“I’m thinking about a plan for when we go in person based on the school’s decision. It’d probably be outside as it gets warmer but I mainly need to think about our crowd.” Whitlock said

As the first semester is coming to an end, there are already plans in the making for the second semester. It’s not permanent yet but the teachers are already thinking about concerts and coming together based on the school’s decision if we’ll be going back to school or not.

“We have met from September to October but that was the last time we did because of Covid-19.” Zambrano said

As we know, they have met in person during those months. However, there were the CDC’s guidelines enforced.

“The biggest struggle as a teacher is that there’s nothing transferable. So what I mean by this is there’s that learning curve of how much I put someone on the spot and to assume if someone is doing something right. Also, having to develop a relationship online with my new students. I feel fortunate I know my sophomore through seniors, but the new students such as the freshmans are a little harder as it can be awkward for them.” Whitlock said. 

Being able to make a relationship online with students is difficult. Most teachers at H-F had to do this and it is an awkward thing. Especially when the student is shy or just needs that in person meeting to help them. 

“Recently, we’ve been working on an online holiday concert. We’re basically making a movie with photos and the music in the background.” Whitlock said.

As the first semester ends, there is so much that the H-F band has accomplished. From making new relationships to doing an online concert, they are definitely continuing to do hard work with what is given.