Exposing the Procrastinator in All of Us

Senior Ben Turnquest displays the reality of procrastination in his short film, “Procrastinator”


Still of Ben Turnquest short film

Do you struggle with procrastination? Ben Turnquest portrays the complex emotions that come with procrastinating.

Senior Ben Turnquest’s film “ Procrastinator” is an engaging visual that all can relate to.  It’s for students wrapping up their first semester finals, seniors trying to meet deadlines for college applications and scholarships, and parents trying to keep up with all their kids day to day tasks on top of their own. 

Procrastination, it’s something we’re all prone to at one point or another and this film perfectly captures the emotions many experience when in the face of procrastination.

Turnquest made this film for Matthew Holdren’s Film 2 class. This particular assignment required that students create films using the spect ratio of 9 x 16 with the intent to view vertically. This project is intended to teach students of the class how to create content built for consumption through mobile devices. 

Students had to learn a new but growing form of filmmaking to bring about these innovative and profound works.

Watch Turnquest’s film above. For the best experience, use a mobile device.