The Netflix Series That Kicked Back To The 21st Century


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(From left to right) Peyton List, William Zabka, Xolo Mariduena, Tanner Buchanan, Ralph Macchio, and Mary Mouser

Cobra Kai has dominated many peoples streaming time as well as my own. Ever since it moved to Netflix, the show has skyrocketed. 

The show is produced by Katrin L. Goodson and Bob Wilson. Goodson was also a part of producing or co-producing “Black Lightning,” “Saving Grace,” and “The Blacklist.” 

The show casted many people who were on the original “Karate Kid” and its sequels. They also casted many people who featured on Disney Channel. So, not only do the adults notice someone from the movies they´ve watched, teens and younger kids do too. 

Watchers who’ve seen ¨The Karate Kid¨ as well as its sequels would definitely enjoy this series.

The show is a spin-off of “The Karate Kid.” Throughout the show, you get to see your favorite characters as parents to teenagers and younger kids. The antagonist, Johnny Lawrence, played by William Zabka is the center of attention instead of Daniel LaRusso played by Ralph Macchio.

Cobra Kai is the name of the dojo Johnny had attended in the original Karate Kid movie. There´s still that rivalry between Daniel and Johnny as they always had bad blood since high school. Daniel was only succeeding in the car business as Johnny laid low, still stuck in the 80’s.

The entire show gave you a small throwback to its first movies. As someone who wasn’t around in the 80´s, it still gave me insight into how it was. The show gave great detail to the rivalry and how it continued through the years as well as new rivalries. 

 There are a lot of small hints from the original movies Such as Daniel and Mr. Miyagi´s relationship, the iconic crane kick, All Valley Karate Tournament and old romances. You´re even introduced to new things in the show that weren’t put in the movies like insight of Johnny´s childhood, his teaching of karate and his character development. 

All the little flashbacks to the original movies made me feel nostalgic. It got me excited for what would happen next or what the producers would carry over to this new show. 

As the show goes on, Daniel decides to make his own dojo, Miyagi-do, to combat Cobra Kai. You begin to notice that he uses the same techniques Mr. Miyagi had taught him to teach his daughter, played by Mary Mouser, and a couple of other students. However, this only causes more rivalry. Instead of a rivalry between just Daniel and Johnny, it’s between Cobra Kai and Miyagi-do too. 

Season 3 came out at the beginning of January this year. It reached number one in 28 countries and top ten in 85 countries. Between all three seasons, 73 million people have watched “Cobra Kai.”

Altogether, Cobra Kai” is an amazing show. It has a great storyline and keeps you on the edge of your seat with the different cliffhangers each episode have, making viewers eager to keep watching.

The attention to detail is very much needed and comes together all in the end. Even if the show gets boring at times, there’s always something to reel you back in. I definitely believe this show deserves the recognition it receives, and should get more too. it has been renewed for a Season 4 that is rumored to release in 2022.