Being Miss Teen Globe United States


Photo taken by Minha Aamer

I was just a regular student attending H-F trying to balance my school life with my own personal life. Until November 2020 came around and I was announced as Miss Teen Globe United States. This was completely life changing for me.

I was so appalled with the announcement. This was my very first time running for a national title. I quickly figured out being a pageant queen doesn’t always mean glitz and glam as there is work to be put in. 

I meet with my pageant coaches, Derrick Scepter and Alexandra Syndram, twice a month to work on the various walks that are required for pageantry. From fun runway walk to the elegant evening gown walk, both are for different categories for the international pageant I am preparing for. 

When I’m done with that, I meet with my interview coach, Rebecca J Kti, to talk about my social media, interviews, plans for the future, and just how I´m feeling. 

Within the last couple months of my life, I´ve gotten photoshoots done for companies, done interviews, gotten several articles written about me and even got featured in the Crowns Magazine. All these opportunities have made me a better person and allowed me to extend my own platform.

I am a Native American activist. As well as spokesperson for mental health and alcohol awareness. I have a passion to bring more recognition to these issues and educate you about them. I also want to encourage others by using my experiences and to give hope. I want to be a leader, role model and spokesperson for diversity.  I want to embrace everyone’s differences and empower them to be confidently beautiful with themselves. 

Meanwhile as I try to keep up with this extraordinary opportunity to be Miss Teen Globe U.S., I am also a full time student at H-F.

This heavy workload does come with a bit of stress especially being my first time ever doing this. I’ve been able to persevere through this from the tremendous support from family, friends, and new sister queens I´ve been meeting along this journey.

The best advice I’ve heard was just to be myself and stay true to who I am throughout my reign. I took that wholeheartedly and that’s what I continue to do.

The pandemic did cause a stressful time on my team. However, we did adapt to it and have been making adjustments to abide by the Covid-19 guidelines. This is a learning experience for all of us as we quickly found out communication is key and turns out to be more important than we thought. 

Along the learning experience, my mom and I have been shopping for dresses and heels nonstop. We are still learning the different dress and heel styles, but are now better that we have support from my team. 

Within the Miss Globe United States Organization, I have several sponsors. These sponsors include Mac Duggal, Team DQ, Josie´s Faces, Pageantry magazine, Model Icon, and Crown Couture Collection. My personal sponsors include Ah-Shi Beauty and a Native American author, Maria De Jarlait. All these sponsors play a vital role throughout my reign as Miss Teen Globe U.S.

The date and place of my international pageant hasn´t been announced, however, we hope it will be soon. Until then stay tuned for my journey as Miss Teen Globe U.S.