H-F Hybrid Learning: A Week in Pictures


All photos in story by Anna Keigher

Whether H-F is at full capacity or not, the H-F path is never going anywhere

H-F students return to learning after spring break on Monday April 5. During the transition from spring break to school, H-F will be fully remote this week for all students.

The process of going back to a full remote week may be difficult for those who have become accustomed to going in person to school. As we head into an all-remote week, the H-F Voyager has provided a week in pictures from the last week of school before spring break.

Let these pictures give an idea of the culture of in-person learning or perhaps something to look forward to in the coming weeks.

Students walk up the G-Building stairs on the way to math classes
Students enjoy each other’s company in between classes in the new fine arts expansion
A student waits in line to pick up reading material for class
H-F choir director Steve Sifner balances both remote and in-person learners by displaying the Google Meet on the projector
Students wait in line to pick up the free meals supplied by H-F containing a surplus of both breakfast and lunch options
The H-F band exits the football field after their halftime performance during the last home game before spring break
A student works on a project for an engineering class
Before entering the building every morning, students must pass the COVID-19 clearance form and temperature check
AP Chemistry students work on a titration lab: the first in-person lab of the year
Students log into class in the H-F cafeteria due to an absent teacher