Thank You for Your (Computer) Service

H-F IT Director retiring after 19 years


Photo provided by Nicole Castagna

Posing standing proudly with some of his H-F colleagues

Anna Keigher, Feature Editor

“We work in the Computer Services department. Service is the key word,” said Gary Posing, H-F’s IT Director. Though he works behind the scenes, Posing has been a staple member to the H-F staff, and after 19 years of his service, he is retiring from H-F. 

 Working at H-F for 19 years, Posing has seen H-F change in many ways both physically and internally. With the challenges of the past year and a half, H-F hab s had a lot to overcome as a school community, but Posing is in awe of the resilience of the staff.

“The one item that stands out the most is how resilient our teachers at H-F are,” said Posing. “Teachers had to rework lesson plans, learn Google meet, learn new tech tools, rethink/relearn how to teach online classes, become the tech expert at their home and do this all in a few days.”

COVID has been difficult for everyone, but it has made this year a very bittersweet ending for graduating seniors and retiring staff. Though everyone is excited to start the next chapter, COVID has put a damper on how the year normally would’ve ended.

“This year has been a crazy year and I never anticipated my final year to be like this.  I’m not sad, but I do miss the events that normally take place that did not happen. I wanted to have the ability to say  ‘Well, this the last time I have to do x, y, z,’” said Posing.

As weird of an ending this is for Posing, he is excited to see what he will do with his retirement, but when asked about his plans he had the best answer: he has none.

“I think the best thing about being retired is that I don’t have to make plans. My wife and I will be traveling around the country,” said Posing. “One of our goals is to attend as many Chicago Cubs games in different ballparks as possible.”     

Posing’s H-F yearbook photo from the 2006-2007 school year (Photo provided by the H-F Alumni Page)

Looking back on his years at H-F, the tight-knit community of staff has been one of the best parts about his job.

“My favorite part about H-F is the staff and their willingness to drop what they are doing to help,” said Posing. “During my career here at H-F, there have been a few situations where my department needed some assistance. Each time, when the word got out, staff would flock to my department saying, ‘What can I do to help?’”  

As the rehiring process for the next IT director is underway, Posing provides his advice for the next person to take the job.

“The department needs to provide the best service to the staff so they can do their job and students can learn.  Walk in the shoes of the people you have to support. I can tell you how to ride a bike, but until you do it firsthand, it is just not the same.”

Thank you Gary Posing for all of the hard work you have put in throughout your 19 years at H-F, you will be missed.