Which One Is Better:New or Old Disney?


One of the recent shows “Just Roll With It”(on the left).The cast of “Jessie” are celebrating the show’s 100th episode.

Layla Chaney, Staff Writer

When you think about your childhood, what do you think of? Disney was my world because it was pretty much the only channel I watched.


The Disney channel show “Jessie” was very funny to me. I’d recommend this any generation after mine.The main character was Jessie played by Debby Ryan, the nanny.Then, the kids she were watching/taking care of were Emma played by Peyton List, Luke played by Cameron Boyce, Ravi played by Karan Brar and Zuri played by Skai Jackson.


Another Disney channel show “KC Undercover” was pretty much action packed in my opinion, the ending of the episodes always kept me on edge when they left us off on a cliffhanger. A little into the show KC, played by Zendaya, finds out that her family are spies and ends up becoming a spy herself. 


Another show I loved was “Shake it Up”. It was about 2 best friends living in Chicago. I was so obsessed with that show, I was in love with the music on the show and used to know the songs by heart. The main characters, my favorite, CeCe, played by Bella Thorne and Rocky, played by Zendaya.


Honestly, I am sad for future generations because I know that they don’t have the Disney that I had.


Disney’s obsession over money has made it bad. The more they become obsessed with the money the worse the quality will get for the upcoming shows.The future generations will not be able to experience the warm and nostalgic feeling. An example of this is Disney Plus. Since Disney Plus came in, it just seems like they just want the money now. Like how the older High School Musical was more creative with its plot and overall story, than the High School Musical tv show.


New Disney, which is 2019-now, hasn’t been the absolute best because the shows aren’t as nostalgic and captivating as they used to be for me when I was younger. The new logo isn’t fun anymore. I miss the castle or when Mickey Mouse was on the boat whistling.Those intros/logos made me very excited to watch the movie or show that was about to come on.


Disney needs to start getting ideas or opinions from their audience to better the shows/movies that they have been coming out with.This matters because not many people acknowledge how low the quality of the New Disney shows has gotten. It makes me very upset, so I would like to bring it to people’s attention.