The Rise of Olivia Rodrigo


Photo Courtesy of Geffen Records

We all know Olivia Rodrigo from somewhere. If it’s either Disney channel shows “Bizaardvark” or “High School Musical: The Musical The Series”, “An American Girl: Grace Stirs Up Success”, or for her debut album “SOUR” which made its way on the charts overnight.

Olivia Rodrigo released “Driver’s License” on January 8, 2021 as a debut single. This would pave the way for her album she’d release later that year. Her debut single, Drivers License hit the #1 spot on the U.S. charts. She broke many records such as Spotify’s record for most streams in a single week as well as 2.407 million streams.

Many people believe her songs and album rose so quickly because of the drama she was in. The drama included a love triangle between Joshua Bassett, a co-star of Olivia Rodrigo’s on “HSMTMTS” and Sabrina Carpenter, an ex disney star. Many people noticed she changed her “Drivers License” lyrics from “brunette girl” to “blonde girl”. Which caused conspiracies of her hinting to Joshua Bassett and Sabrina Carpenter’s relationship.

Rodrigo’s album “SOUR” released on May 21, 2021. Her album consists of 10 songs as well as her debut singles “Drivers License”, “Deja Vu”, and “Good 4 You”. Her album begins with the song “Brutal” and ends with “Favorite Crime”. Her genres are pop, pop rock, indie pop, and alternative pop.

Rodrigo’s album is very relatable to teenagers of this generation. Speaking on heartbreak, acceptance, love, relationships and being a teenager. Her songs highlight each aspect of the not so great side of being a teenager. 

I personally love her new album. She somehow makes you feel so many things with each song. Whether it’s sadness, anger, envy or relief. Her words tell a story in her songs from each metaphor, simile and sentence she sings. 

Rodrigo absolutely adores Taylor Swift. In an interview, Rodrigo told reporters she sampled the song “New Year’s Day” for her song “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back”. Also, Swift’s song “Cruel Summer” influenced “Deja Vu”.

Many people believe Rodrigo’s next album will be called “Sweet” after she did a collaboration with Sour Patch Kids. Their well known line is “It’s Sour, then it’s Sweet” which many people believe is her influence. We’ll just have to see what’s next for this quick rising pop star.