Brush it off

Oh, she wears make up? She must be insecure. She wants to be something she’s not. When she takes off her makeup she looks totally different.

Many bad stigmas come along with girls wearing makeup, and most of them are arguably false. Makeup is not so I am something “pretty to look at”; makeup is solely for me.

Changing my ways… for bae?

Opinions of a love interest, when it comes to makeup, are irrelevant. All of the boys that say they only want girls that are natural, have no clue what they are talking about. If it came down to it, how many would recognize their bae 100% natural? Often times, even a “natural girl” is still wearing mascara and a little blush.

Many boys don’t understand the makeup and its versatility. The “fakeness” that is associated with makeup comes from the insane amount of makeup that celebrities like Kylie Jenner wear; yes boys, my lips are real. Don’t put down your mascara wand because Daquan wants you natural. In all honesty, Daquan isn’t even going to notice that your eyelashes are a few millimeters longer.

Even if boys do notice your makeup choices, remember that you’re not putting it on for them. Not everything women do has to be for men! Wearing makeup is your own personal prerogative. It’s made to be fun; not to make you feel ashamed for wearing it.

Why I wear makeup

Makeup doesn’t change what I look like, but it polishes me off. Eye shadows and different shades of lipstick are an accessory to an outfit. Change the accessories, and the whole outfit changes. Make up is more about making things more versatile for me. It’s a way to switch things up or change my look without doing something more dramatically like cutting my hair.