Street Photography of Chicago

Inspiration can spark at the most random times.

“I was downtown with my friends and saw the perfect opportunity to take a beautiful photo of the nightlife in Chicago,” sophomore Tarendran Heyward said.

Second-year photography student Tarendran Heyward draws inspiration from his surroundings, as well as his “self drive for success.”

This photo is the perfect representation of street photography, which is what Heyward was tasked to do.

This picture speaks for itself. The bright lights, tall buildings and different individuals all tell their own story; which is what a photo is meant to do.

They all encompass different aspects of what nightlife is like in a big city such as Chicago.

Being a skillful photographer is a skill that can go a long way in life.

Heyward hopes to use the skills gathered in his photography class when he travels in the future.

He wants to be able to “capture different moments around the world” that will each tell their own different story.

Passion is another thing that drives Heyward to snap different shots when he is motivated to do so.

“I get to work on a craft that I’ve always loved but just never had the right equipment for. I want to work on perfecting my shooting ability for the future,” Heyward said.