Who’s the best SpiderMan?


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Alana DeRose, Lailah Taylor, Kennedy Hardy, Staff Writer

With the newest Spider-Man movie being released this past December the Voyager took it upon themselves to answer a very important question: between Andrew Garfield, Toby Maguire, and Tom Holland, who’s the best Spider-Man? Staff Writers Alana DeRose, Kennedy Hardy and Lailah Taylor voice their opinion on this subject.


Alana DeRose

Between Toby Maguire, Andrew Garfield and Tom Holland, I would have to say that Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man by far. 

Nonetheless, Toby Maguire is possibly the best Peter Parker as throughout his three movies we get to see how he deals with juggling a job, college, being Spider-Man and being there for MJ, but his Spider-Man was okay. It wasn’t bad, but there’s no personality there. 

Then there’s Andrew. He portrayed the superhero perfectly. The witty personality and iconic fighting moves shown throughout the movie, bodied Spider-Man perfectly.

However, his Peter Parker sucked. the whole time they show Peter Parker, he was just crying to Gwen about why they can’t be together; it was like there were two different actors during both ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ movies. 

But during Tom Holland’s Spider-Man movies, the depiction of both Peter Parker and Spider-Man was perfect. The witty personality didn’t just stop at Spider-Man but also transferred to Peter Parker, and his childlike dependence was still transferred to the super-hero.

 Also, he was 15 fighting Bucky and Sam. The other two Spider-Men were seniors in high school going on to college fighting mediocre villains who happened to kill themselves. All while, Tom Holland’s Spider- Man wasn’t even old enough to drive, but oddly enough still had the ability to fight a huge purple alien in space. 


Lailah Taylor 

I personally believe that Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker, although Andrew Garfield portrayed Spiderman the best.

Tom Holland looks and was the same age as Peter Parker in the comics, when Holland first began the role of Spiderman.

Holland’s Peter Parker is the best because of his portrayal of Peter’s lively personality and comical comebacks. His charming naiveness is really displayed when battling villains, and dealing with the stress of highschool.

While Tom Holland’s fight scenes in his movies are very thrilling, Andrew Garfield’s fight scenes were more realistic and exhilarating. Garfield’s fight and swinging scenes left me in awe.

Usually in superhero movies, the superheroes are able to defy the laws of gravity and do some very unrealistic things, but in Garfied’s movies the deaths that took place in them did not defy the laws of gravity; making the movie all the more phenomenal.

Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker was also quite humorous, but he didn’t feel like the teenager Peter that was made in the comics.

Toby Maguire’s Spider-man fight scenes felt impractical, and his Peter felt grown; even when he was in highschool.


Kennedy Hardy 

Agreeing with both Alana and Lailah, I do think that Andrew Garfield probably could be the best Spiderman but, Tom Holland has to be the best Peter Parker. 

I think the two actors are similar in many ways. 

Well, for first, they are both british! Coming from different universes, you’d think they’d be quite different, yet they aren’t.

Andrew Garfield really got into his role as Spiderman. He really uses his intelligence to defeat his enemies (except that one time we do not speak of) and uses his webs as an aid in stealthy attacks, which is really good and well written. 

Holland, on the other hand, completely embodies Peter Parker. Holland does a wonderful job at capturing Parker’s nerdiness, kind, reserved and intelligent manner. 

Which is why I believe he is the best Peter Parker. He acts it out amazingly!

 When I think of Peter Parker, Tom Holland immediately comes to mind.