New Faces’ Production: “A Spare Me”


Photo by Morgan Davenport

Curtain call…Opening night of A Spare Me

Imagine a dystopian reality, with resources dwindling and the human population following close behind. In a world of rising tensions, no one is guaranteed safety of identity. Even the likeness of your closest friends could be unknowably hidden behind a flawless facade. 

H-F’s recent production of A Spare Me put this untold reality onto the stage. The shows took place on Feb. 24th, 25th, and 26th. 

“What is truly the most interesting thing about the plot is the realness of it. It projects so much of the mental health and generational struggles going on today, in a way that is so unique to this show and its characters’ experiences,” said cast member Kendall Laven. 

A Spare Me was a New Faces production, which means that it particularly spotlights people new to the theater department. “New Faces means that everyone in the cast is either a freshman, sophomore, junior or senior that has been in 2 or fewer HF shows… so all relatively new to the H-F theater department,” said director J.R. Rose.  

The show follows the lives of multiple different teenagers who have been left with heavy responsibilities and generational burdens forced onto them by the world and the future of humanity. It brings into light many modern-day controversies through spotlighting various roles, which H-F’s cast portrayed beautifully. “We have a really good cast, especially considering the fact that we’re mostly freshmen and sophomores. I just can’t wait to see what it’s like when we’re juniors and seniors,” said sophomore Jazmin Rhodes

A Spare Me took place in H-F’s Blackbox theater; a new addition to the music building. It’s a more confined space, and audience seating is level with the stage, which enables the showcase to be a much more interactive experience. HF theater has played with this style even prior to Covid, mainly for plays and other small performances. It allows the audience to better perceive the actor’s emotions and minor details. “It’s a little more nerve wracking performing in the Blackbox because the audience feels so much closer and intimate,” said Rhodes. 

The lighting and sound was also run by H-F students, and for a show like A Spare Me, lighting was especially vital. The different-colored lights and the precision of their cues were mesmerizing and gave the production the futuristic-esque feeling that ultimately made it so captivating. The close proximity between the actors and the audience also made it easier to hear dialogue through the face masks. 

Overall, the show lived up to the high standards H-F theater has had for many years. Next year’s New Faces production will undoubtedly continue this tradition and introduce even more upcoming stars to the H-F theater department.