Highlighting Skilled African American Students


The month of February may be normal to some people but for African Americans, it’s Black History Month. During this month we’re highlighting some African American artists and athletes with special talents here at H-F.

Boys Varsity track Captain, junior, Robert Scott III opened up about his passion for running track at the school. “ I first got into track my eighth-grade year but it wasn’t serious. It didn’t really dawn on me to start taking it competitively until my sophomore year,” said Scott.

Scott expressed when he had his great awakening, “ I realized that when I ran a really fast split time on a 4×2 relay my sophomore year that is when I found the true passion to do this sport”.

On the day of a meet, Scott explained his thought process. “When I’m in the moment at the meet I feel like I’m the fastest man in the world. My music plays and all my worries fall and I’m only thinking about the event I’m about to run,” said Scott.

Track plays a large role in Scott’s life but he also opened up about what he would be doing if he didn’t have track. 

Without track right now I’d be a working scholar. Right now I’m a working student-athlete meaning my schedule is never free,” said Scott.

I also spoke to Amber Smith, a junior here who expressed her passion for painting and other forms of art. “I came out of the womb doing this. But seriously, I first got into art maybe around four or five years old.

During the first year of the pandemic, Smith told how her interest in art became more serious. “During quarantine, I painted my first canvas,” said Smith

Art can be seen as a getaway for many people and Smith went into depth about how she feels when she’s in the moment, “I feel like me, the most I could possibly be”.

“I would like to be an artist and major in art but honestly it’s just for fun,” said Smith as she explained how she sees art playing a role in her future.

Art is a way to express yourself. Smith told how she’d be in life without art. “If I didn’t have art I’d probably be a whole different person. Art shaped me into the person I am today”. 

Varsity baseball player and a junior at H-F, Dillon Head conveyed the story of how he discovered baseball was a passion of his. “I first got into baseball when I was four. My dad put me into t-ball and ever since then I’ve been playing”.

Although he’s been playing since such a young age, Head told us when he really started to enjoy the sport.” I didn’t realize it was something I was passionate about until eighth grade, because I played above my age all my life”. 

Even though Head plays on varsity currently it always wasn’t like that in the earlier stages of his career. 

“I wasn’t really the top guy on the team but when I played down to my age I started dominating and started having fun,” said Head

Post high school Head shared what he sees as his future. “To be honest it’s either the draft or college, if I get drafted great, if not I can still go to Michigan and get an education and still play baseball and see where life goes from there”.

Everyone has their own way to get into the zone and Head walked us through what runs through his mind.

“I’m locked in as soon as I get off that bus, as soon as those headphones come off and we shake hands before the game that’s when I’m locked in,” said Head.

All three of these students deserve to achieve and excel in any goal they set for themselves.