Two Heads Are Better Than One:

Eva Rubin and Andrea Ball Ryan

“All of my friends are going out of town for spring break, and I’m stuck at home. What can i do over spring break to still have fun?” – Bored on Break

Take a mental health week 

It can be a real bummer when you’re on break and stuck at home when all of your friends are out of town.
However, you can still have fun doing other things without them. Here are some ideas for you!
– Take the extra time you have on break to sleep in! Get some rest and rejuvenate.
– Give yourself a spa day.
Pamper yourself in a soothing bubble bath and a facemask with relaxing music. Take this extra down time and use it as you time.
– Have a movie marathon.
Rewatch all of the Harry Potter movies, the Twilight Saga or the Paranormal Activities. Look up a list of Netflix movies you haven’t seen yet or start a new series.
– Read a novel.
Now, reading may seem slow and boring, but re-reading one of your favorite books or finding a new one may be worth the try. Why not try it?
– Spend more time with your family!
A lot of people don’t see their parents and siblings a whole lot during the school year, so this is a great opportunity to take advantage of your spare time.
Play a board game, go shopping or out to lunch. Take a couple days to bond with them.
– Go on a shopping spree!
Head out to Orland, Oakbrook or downtown, and treat yourself. Hit up Forever 21 and Urban Outfitters and stock up your spring and summer wardrobe.
Over spring break, I would recommend that you try any of the things I suggested above, especially sleeping and shopping! With anything new you try, keep an open mind and you’re sure off to have a good break. Have fun!

25 ways to spice up break

Being at home during spring break while your friends are living it up doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom. Can’t think of a way to pass your time? Take a look at 25 things you can do to make the most out of your staycation:
– Take a nap
– Sleep in late
– Go out for brunch
– Catch a movie
– Read a book.
– Read a magazine
– Clean
– Get caught up on Pretty Little Liars (or whatever you prefer)
– Visit a museum
– Learn something new (YouTube has awesome tutorials for just about everything)
– Research recipes/cook
– Bake a cake
– Try your hand at photography
– Take a relaxing bath
– Update your music playlists
– Write a song
– Exercise
– Attend a game
– Find a place to volunteer
– Become one with Netflix
– Clear out your DVR
– Take pictures at the bean
– Have a Disney/Pixar movie marathon (complete with popcorn and The Lion King)
– Hit the train and head downtown with friends (get permission first) or family. While there:
– Walk down Michigan Ave.
I encourage you to do a few activities on this list. Better yet, I urge you to get out there and try at least one new interesting thing over break. It’s amazing what you can do with a little time and a lot of creativity. Stay safe!