Student-owned businesses: ‘BeautybyJane’


Senior Jane Akpan applying make-up on one of her clients.

Alana DeRose , Staff Writer

H-F is well known for their talented artists that encompass the student body; whether they’re painters, videographers, photographers, actors/actresses, or musicians. 

However, the student-body isn’t only limited to these type of artists, we also have make-up artists too, such as senior Jane Akpan. 

Akpan has always been passionate about make-up and eventually turned that passion into her own make-up business. 

“‘Beauty by Jane’ is the name of my business,” Akpan stated. “I’ve always had a fascination with makeup since I was young, and I enjoy how it allows me to express myself.” 

Akpan began her business shortly after she started doing make up because of the same motivation we all have: money and passion. 

“I was still fairly new to makeup at the time, but I wasn’t too bad. I wanted to use my talent while also making money from it. Also, at a career fair in 2019 or 2020, makeup artists advised me to pursue it if it was truly my passion, which I did,” Akpan stated.

However, when she started Akpan wasn’t exactly an expert at doing make-up, but she didn’t let that stop her, and continued practicing and developing  her skills, while also being open to receive feedback from a friend. 

 “I began by practicing to perfect my craft. I’d experiment on different makeup looks, learn new techniques, and so on. I also practiced makeup on a friend, which went well as I received positive feedback, so I continued to try out different makeup looks.” 

The young entrepreneur has now been doing make-up for two years and still continues to perfect her craft along the way. 

“I’ve been doing makeup professionally for two and a half years now and I’m continuously eager to learn new techniques and products.” 

The soft glam look is Akpan’s favorite look as it’s “quick to complete, ideal for most clients and aren’t too expensive for clients who don’t know what to get,” according to Akpan. 

Akpan hopes to expand her business in the future with a class for others that are passionate about makeup and want to turn it into a career, as well as travel out of state or out of the country to do make-up professionally for others. 

“For ‘Beautybyjane’, I hope to host a makeup class for makeup enthusiasts of all skill levels. I’ll provide the products as well as the education. I also want to travel out of state or even out of the country to do makeup for potential clients in the future.”

Akpan accepts appointments around 3 pm on weekdays, and around 9 am on weekends. Her price begins at $55 and increases depending on the type of glam her client wants.