Sophomore Runs the Show


Amy Ward performing in the New Faces production of ‘A Spare Me’

Sophomore, Amy Ward, is one of the many talents in the H-F choir program. But something that stands out, is that her talent is extremely multifaceted.

Her involvement in H-F Fine Arts also includes theater.

Since 6th grade, Ward has known that she was meant for the stage; From her first show being ‘Beauty and the Beast’, all the way to her most recent show ‘A SpongeBob Musical,’ she’s been involved in countless shows at James Hart Junior High School and H-F. 

“I have been singing all my life, and I got into theater in middle school while doing the James Hart Musicals.”

But, what the most meaningful this in her eyes is the people. Ward stated, “When we finally get to perform and it all comes together, it’s the most fun and exciting thing I’ve ever been a part of.”

The sense of community is not only what attracted her to the stage, but also what kept her there. 

Ward is certainly a force to watch out for. Her drive and passion for the fine arts is something that only unique individuals have.

Ward stated, “Being able to look forward to going to these activities everyday is what I love about it.”

That’s what special about her, Ward wants to be there. She is committed to the performing arts.

And this passion she has, is a perfect start to the beginning of her career as a performer. Stay tuned for more from Ward, she is a force to reckon with in the H-F Fine Arts department.