On Sept. 30, the release of the movie Smile came out. This supernatural horror film is based on how traumatic it can be when people harm themselves in front of other human beings, and then those human beings who witness it start to experience the same occurrences those people who harmed themselves had.

In a nutshell, a doctor was trying to get information out from this patient she had received but she couldn’t because something drastic had occurred involving her patient that she had witnessed right in front of her eyes. It started to get increasingly worse for her and everyone she had around her started to think she was going crazy. They all pushed her away and left her life. She had to find a way to stop this from happening to herself before it was too late.

And you have to watch for the rest.

A major symbol portrayed throughout the movie when something bad was about to happen,  people would slowly start to smile. It wasn’t just like a casual, friendly smile either. It was a sinister smile and it gave you a bad feeling anytime you were to see it which plays such a major role in the whole plot of the film. 

When I saw any parts throughout the movie where people were about to smile or started to smile, it genuinely frightened me and gave me chills. 

This is definitely a movie that people should go out and see. If not in the movies, definitely when it comes out on other platforms. 

The actors that were chosen to play the characters throughout this movie were such a nice fit for each role. The use of dramatic effects was phenomenal. The overall plot of the movie was twisting and confusing but once you reach closer to the end of the movie, then you will be able to understand the beginning of the movie. It created a dramatic tone which gave the audience ominous feelings. 

I enjoyed seeing Sosie Bacon, the daughter of Kevin Bacon, as the main character. The way she displayed the “symptoms” she was going through after witnessing that with her patient instilled fear into the audience and made you connect to the exact things she was feeling.

Bacon has played in many other things I have seen such as the TV show Scream, The Last Summer, Charlie Says and 13 Reasons Why. You would never expect the turn she plays for her role in this movie and how quickly she changes. Another actress that played a good role in the movie was Judy Reyes. She has also played in the show Scrubs, Claws, One Day At A Time and many more. In the movie, she was the link to the main connection in the middle of the problem that was going on. The head doctor shown in this movie is a good actor. He has played in the comedy, Malibu’s Most Wanted, Love Doesn’t Cost A Thing, the show How I Met Your Mother and Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.

The director, Parker Finn, and many other producers, Isaac Klausner, Marty Bowen, Robert Salerno and Wyck Godfrey were successful in producing this film and getting their point across that when we smile, we put on a mask.