Fun Fall Things To Do in Illinois


Alana DeRose, Staff Writer

Aw boo. It’s fall. That means no more beaches, no more waterparks, no more wonderful weather and more school. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. Illinois carries the fun experiences throughout the fall, and I’ll be giving you the top four things to spice up your fall. 

  • Go on a Haunted Tour 

Chicago is filled with decades of dark history – from serial killers such as H.H. Holmes and John Wayne Gacy, to mobsters such as Al Capone and the Valentine’s Day Massacre, and you can immerse yourself into the history with the multiple haunted tours here in Chicago. 

You can learn about the haunted history of Lincoln Park Zoo on the Haunted History Tours provided by the zoo itself, or the history of the Loop on the Chicago Ghost tours provided by Free Tours by Foot. 

However, if mobster history is more your thing you can go on the Gangster and Ghosts tour. 

The Gangsters and Ghosts tour takes you on a two hour, 1.5 mile walk through the former Vice District, also known as the Loop. You get to see how the Loop played a big part in the mobster activity during the 1920s and 30s. 

  • Attend the Lincoln Park Zoo Fall Fest 

Lincoln Park Zoo doesn’t only have a spooky history, but a fall festival that’s fun for the whole family. 

The Zoo not only offers animal sightseeing during the October chill, but also: a ferris wheel, harvest maze, pumpkin walk, supersized slide, race car ride, musical entertainment and more!

The festival occurs on select dates between Sept. 30 to Oct. 30, and the best part is it’s free to attend! However, you have to purchase tickets if you want to get on the attractions. The ticket packages range from $36-$69. 

  • Catch a drive in movie at Chitown Movies

Chitown Movies is located in Chicago Pilsen’s neighborhood, and showcases blockbuster and classic movies all year round. 

In order to participate in the Halloween spirit, Chitown Movies is showcasing movies such as Hocus Pocus, BeetleJuice, Nope, The Invitation, Halloween and more. 

The tickets are $33 per car, and you can bring your dog! However the tickets are non-refundable and no outside food or drinks are allowed, but on the bright side you can order food at the ChiTown Grille offering popcorn, tacos, wings, pizza, kids meals and more, and the best part is they’ll deliver it all to your car, so you won’t have to move for anything. 

  • Go on a fall hike at Starved Rock State Park 

What’s better than Starved Rock in the summer? Starved Rock in the fall! 

Just imagine walking down the path covered with a mixture of beautiful vibrant red, and orange leaves, as the cool autumn breeze refreshes you from the lingering summer heat, only to hear the rushing waves of the waterfall splashing the rocky bottom to your left. Aaaaa… ultimate relaxation.