Witt Studio’s ‘Attack on Titan’: America’s New Appeal in Anime


Image presented by Crunchyroll

The famous stance of Attack on Titan’s most beloved characters

It’s no wonder why audiences have become more attracted to foreign cultures and new experiences as the pandemic have seriously limited our ability to get out into the world. Over the past year or so, American teens have gained an interest in one exciting and unique form of Japanese entertainment – anime. 

There is one anime in particular that has broken records of streaming and has become such a familiar part of today’s popular culture, that the orthodox “anime fans” are no longer the only ones who recognize the title at the mention of its name. 

Attack on Titan has been called “the greatest of all time,” an “absolute masterpiece,” “deeply thematic” and much more by many differing review sites. Joseph Acosta from UniversityPress.com describes Attack on Titan: “Understand that the world will probably never see another show like this again, and there will never be another one greater than Attack on Titan, ever again.”

As anime creators have noticed the increase in popularity of their genre, they’ve even begun altering their content to fit into a more westernized taste, specifically for American audiences. The appeal in anime has been questioned many times over what exactly it is, especially by older generations and those who simply don’t understand the hype.  

From the eyes of the people I’ve talked to, it’s essentially because anime can’t be classified as “mainstream”, meaning the animation is seen as non-traditional by western viewers. On top of that, it’s always difficult to step out of your comfort zone to try something new, especially something that the public has previously deemed unpopular.

Now for a show like Attack of Titan, the tides of cinema alter completely. The characters are notoriously known to be flawlessly vibrant, and the storytelling to be impeccable. Not to mention the animation itself – the quality is simply unmatched. 

As much controversy as anime has created over the past year throughout America, Attack On Titan is one of few animes that is undeniably a masterpiece. As audiences rave over their excitement for the new season coming out in January of 2022, we can only hope that it will live up to the amazing legacy it has created thus far.