Is Marvel Going Down Hill?


Kennedy Hardy, Staff Writer

Phase four of Marvel has been great. While the series is great, the feature length films, on the other hand, are a work in progress!

I have been a marvel fan since I’ve been conscious, and I have loved all the content that they’ve put out for all of those years.

The Captain America series was one of the best, and seeing him in The Avengers’ movies always kept me on the edge of my seat waiting for the next movie. Especially with the conclusion of “Endgame”, which left me excited for phase four.

In short, I loved phases one through three. 

As a qualified Marvel fan, which therefore makes me a critic, phase four is not cutting it. 

The shows are doing incredibly well. “Wandavision” has a 91% according to rotten tomatoes and “The Falcon and the Winter Soldier” has an 89% on rotten tomatoes. This information shows that the two series are doing extremely well upon release.

However, “Black Widow” has a 79% on rotten tomatoes and Marvel’s newest movie release, “Eternals” has a 47%.

Now, by far, “Eternals” is the worst movie to be released in Phase Four.

This is true for a plethora of reasons. Most obvious among those reasons is that it felt like there was no storyline evident in the movie, it was fast paced yet nothing happened and it just felt so empty and hard to understand.

The Eternals movie follows the story of, well, Marvel’s eternals. The Eternals are a group of immortal beings who over years save humanity from the deviants over and over again. The deviants, being a group of creatures who are deadly and want to kill the immortals along with the eternals.

“Eternals” picks up after “Avengers:Endgame”, and the movie even references the events of the Avengers movie.

After decades of the deviants being extinct and the Eternals living lives as regular mundane humans, out of nowhere, a deviant appears and attacks, Sersei, one of the main eternals. The eternals, upon reviewing the deviant, notices that it is stronger than before.

The movie follows Sersei and Sprite, another eternal, as they get in contact with the other eternals in order to fight the evil deviants upon their return.

We see a little of the eternals past and then we get to see where they have been since then.

Similar to all the Marvel movies, “Eternals” has a huge plot twist. But I won’t include any spoilers here.

Against its benefit, the movie is super fast paced, like seriously. I got up to use the bathroom and by time I came back a huge plot twist had happened.

The plot twist, which I may add, was not even hinted at or had a leading up to. Yeah, I understand that it’s a plot twist for a reason, but it literally came out of nowhere. We, as viewers, should’ve been able to see it coming in the background.

Consequently, a lot of plot holes were left open. Which probably was a result of too many things going on in the movie itself.

Such as the Mad titan origin story and more, but those all have spoilers in it so you’ll have to find out for yourself.

While the overall movie is not good,  it did have some redeeming qualities.

Including, making a few of the eternals who were originally men into women for the movie. This allowed for more representation of women in the MCU. Also, there was and LGBTQ couple in the movie which allowed for representation for the queer community as well.

Ending this on a positive note, “Eternals”, in this new day and age showed appreciation towards women and members of the LGBTQ community by giving them representation in a big movie.

Another thing that was good, is that it was funny. No, not funny because it was bad, funny because well, the MCU is known for their comedy in movies.

Ultimately, the movie itself was not the best but had some redeemable qualities such a the representation and the humor.

There’s always gonna be bad in good and good in bad which means go watch Eternals and give it a chance yourself!