Is this Batman the best?

Is this Batman the best?

Kennedy Hardy, Staff Writer

The DCU isn’t really my personal cup of tea.

However, it is a lot of people’s cup of tea, and maybe even their favorite.

I, myself, prefer the MCU because it is better organized and the graphics are better.

Whether you’re for the DCU or the MCU, whatever, whatever. There is one thing that can bring us all together and that would be the new Batman movie or, The Batman, as it is titled.

There are about, give or take one or two, twelve Batman movies including The Batman. Which shows how important it is that The Batman holds up to the legacy that this character has.

Many well-known actors have played the role of Batman. Ranging from Christian Bale who played Batman in the Dark Knight Trilogy to Ben Affleck who played Batman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

Our newest Batman, and maybe the best-looking one that we’ve ever had, is played by none other than Robert Pattinson. Pattinson is best known for his role as Edward Cullen in the series Twilight. So, I guess you could say that he stepped it up a little.

The movie The Batman appeared in theaters on Mar 4, 2022.

I believe that, without being biased, The Batman is a top movie of 2022.

There are a ton of good things about this movie, with very little, probably not even a lot of flaws at all.

Some good things could include, the casting, the acting, the cinematography and the storyline. I’m a picky person, but this move was so frightfully good.

Cindy Tolan was the casting director on this project and she deserves a NICE pat on the back, she did her best work seriously.

They ended up casting a lot of household names, which I have talked about in previous articles, the names bring the people in.

Some of the actors involved in this movie include Pattinson who played the role of Batman himself, Zoe Kravitz who plays Selina Kyle aka Catwoman and Paul Dano who plays the villain of the story, The Riddler.

Dano would be best known for his role in Prisoners and his role in Ruby Sparks. He is best at, and these are the words of the internet not me, at playing very mad, incel-like characters. Which in my opinion captures the Riddler perfectly.

For me, I know Kravitz from the series Divergent, but there are a handful of things you could know her from as well. Kravitz is absolutely gorgeous and plays Selina very well.

Pattinson, as I said earlier, is best known for his role as Edward Cullen in Twilight. Pattinson as Batman is like exploring a whole new side of a spectrum. Pattinson is able to capture Batman’s dark and brooding manner exceptionally well.

Pattinson and Kravitz have the best chemistry, on and off the screen. I mean, some people speculated that the two were dating based upon how they acted in interviews and photoshoots with each other. The chemistry is undeniable.

The acting ties in with the actors and as I mentioned above, they all do very well at their roles, which is something that really made the movie for me.

The cinematography, lord. It is absolutely amazing.

If you aren’t even remotely interested in Batman, if you hate his guts, you should still go and watch the movie just for the cinematography.

The directors did an amazing job at making Gotham in every aspect. From the color scheme to the building, everything just felt so right. From the shots of just the bat signal, or the above shots that captured the crime scenes. 

Referring to a  specific scene, the car chasing scene was just amazing. It managed to capture the best shots I’ve ever seen, especially the shot of Batman walking towards the car in the flames.

The storyline was great too.

We follow the regular old brooding Batman, except this time he’s faced with the villain of the Riddler. He also faces many challenges regarding the sudden death of his family as all things are revealed to him for the first time.

It wasn’t rushed, which explains why the movie was almost three hours long. Yet, at least for me, it didn’t feel three hours long at all. I mean I didn’t get up to pee once, which says something!

The storyline combined with the cinematography had me on the edge of my seat. I was so enticed by every scene that came on. I felt as if I was in the movie myself.

Another thing, I felt as if there were no plot holes left, everything was covered.

Overall, this movie has definitely been added to my top favorite movies. I might even go see it again this weekend!

On my own meter, this movie should get a 10/10, it gets no better than this.

So stop whatever you’re doing, driving your car, walking your dog or birthing your child; go see The Batman in theaters!