Calm down, freshmen (or go home)

My first football game as a freshman I was beyond excited. Sitting in the family section, I heard the chant,”Go home freshmen! “Go home freshmen!”

As the seniors excitedly told us to go home, I noticed the freshmen were upset but stayed calm and took the traditional insult in stride.

The homecoming game this year, however, was a chaotic mess.

After the halftime show we all heard the familar chant saying, “Go home freshmen!” Then the chant starts to get louder and more people start to join in.

Suddenly, I see things thrown from the back of the bleachers and into the crowd. As the game was playing, all I could hear was people screaming in anger about getting things thrown at them from the back of the bleachers, where the freshmen usually sit.

There’s a circulating debate as to whether we should stop the tradition of this chant because it’s insensitive to freshman.

For freshmen, hearing these words for the first time can be intimidating and awkward.

I understand this can make freshmen feel bad, but it’s a tradition that they need to deal with.

Freshmen need to understand that just because they are at the bottom now doesn’t mean its always going to be like that.

One day they will be upperclassmen screaming the same chant.

It’s like when seniors are on the senior deck. They have waited four years for this. Should we get rid of the senior deck because underclassmen feel left out?

It’s the same situation with the chant, upperclassmen have waited years for this experience.

But thinking that you will always be “mistreated”when you’ve been here for less than a couple months unlike the upperclassmen who have been here for years, doesn’t make much sense.

What’s wrong with saying,‘‘Go home freshmen,” anyway? It’s not like the upperclassmen want you to actually go home.

Remember everything is just for fun.

I’m confused on why this is just now becoming an issue and why freshmen are fighting back. This hasn’t been a problem in previous years. The current upperclassmen have had to deal with this also.

This whole disturbance was uncalled for and shouldn’t have happened in the first place. If you think that you should be treated as an upperclassmen then you should act more mature.

Throwing things at the crowd was counterproductive and made the situation worse than it already is.

This tradition, should stay the same because it’s all for a tease. Upperclassmen had to deal with it before and it’s just not fair that this tradition would just stop all of a sudden.

So, relax you’ll get to say it one day.

Everyone’s just trying to have a good time. This whole high school experience is supposed to be good for everyone.

If you don’t like the chant, then don’t go to the games.