Are we ready?

Come Tuesday Nov. 3, the people of our country will be given the chance to vote for, yet again, an old white man for president. Among the candidates left, each is above 70 years old, caucasian and male. What a surprise right? 

For the second time in four years, an extremely qualified woman made it pretty far through the election process, but was yet again unable to defeat their male counterparts. 

As a nation we are yet to see our first female president, and with that being said the following question arises. Are we ready for a female president?

Women still face adversity and oppression in their everyday lives in today’s society. For example women who hold positions of authority are often considered lesser than their male counterparts and women with strong beliefs are commonly viewed as ridiculous and unrealistic. 

If Warren were to say that her chances to win were affected by sexism then she would be bombarded with accusations of being called a “whiner” or that she is “complaining too much,” but if she was to say that there sexism played no role in the election, then every woman in the nation would wonder what world she is living in.

The people who are mourning Warren’s exit from the presidential race are not doing so due to an extreme desire for a female president, they are mourning the loss of a quality candidate. Warren was possibly the most qualified candidate being that she was a professor of law at Harvard University, the head of the congressional oversight panel in charge of relief efforts, as well as the senior United States senator from Massechusetes. 

Warren did not win a single state on super tuesday, not even her hometown of Massachusetts. She fell short to both Bernie Sanders as well Joe Biden in a state that she was projected to win. 

The results of super tuesday further prove that our nation is not ready to vote for a woman president. 

Despite all of her efforts to prove to the country that she is qualified and well fit for the position, she was set up for failure from the start. 

Our nation will be ready when we are past the point of feeling the need to point out that there is a female candidate. Equality is achieved when there is no need to even acknowledge that there is a person of a different gender running, and we are clearly not there yet.