The Voyager

New years resolutions are overrated

February 3, 2020

Every year tons of people make New Year’s resolutions, but how many of those tons actually follow through with their resolutions? New year's resolutions are just an excuse for putting off something people want to do with their...

How important are likes?

Erica Bjorklund, Op-Ed

December 15, 2019

Instagram has been famous for its like ever since the app first came out in 2010, and now those likes might just go away. Even though some people may not like to admit, we all look at the number of likes we get on each post, a...

Is the dress code out of style?

Erica Bjorklund, Op-Ed

December 15, 2019

Going back to school everyone wants the perfect outfit, but with a restricting school dress code, we can't express our styles in the way we want. Because of the tradition of having a dress code, students have begun to accept t...

Christmas grows old with you

Erica Bjorklund, Op-Ed writer

December 15, 2019

Waking up on Christmas morning is something all kids love, but as people get older they look forward to it less and less. Every year around Christmas time I would have a whole list prepared for my parents by the end of Novemb...

What going to college is really like

Erica Bjorklund, Feature writer

September 18, 2019

Going to college is something that almost everyone anticipates while they're in high school. But sometimes, going to college isn’t everything that people expect it to be. Many students experience struggles and are often surprised...

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