Marian transfers make impact

This time last year, the last place sophomore Justin Hall expected to be was at his rival school.

“Every time I hear something being said about Marian, I can remember when we were saying the same things about H-F,” Hall said.

Now him and other Marian transfers Jack Doyle, John Michael Schmitz and Tyrice Richie are quickly making a name for themselves in Viking Country. All are juniors. These transfers are also members of our highly respected varsity football program.

There are similarities between both schools such as, the levels of education and national attention.
The differences, however, are the football programs and student population.

“Biggest difference is probably the size,” said Doyle, a 6’2, 305 pound offensive lineman.“There’s a lot more kids at H-F and having the two buildings and path just make it that much bigger.”

Doyle and Schmitz have also greatly contributed to the offensive line. Quarterback Bryce Gray wasn’t sacked once in their Week 2 rematch against Stevenson.

“I love [Doyle and Schmitz],” said Gray. “They work hard and play their butts off every play. They’ve added more size and toughness to our offense.”

While we are widely known throughout the suburbs for our academics, H-F is also widely known for our football team.

Some student-athletes could become distracted and unable to manage their time, but that’s not the case for all of them.

“I wanted to go to a school where I knew I could still stay focused on school and sports,” Hall said.\

Having new blood in the locker-room can spark plug any team.

After a heartbreaking loss in last year’s thrilling 8A State Championship game to Stevenson, these new additions could be the missing ingredient to many H-F state championships to come.

“I think [Richie will] do a good job this season,” wide receiver coach Alexander Pratt said. “He’s a great kid, works hard and is a pleasure to work with.”

Richie is a 185 pound, 6’2 starting wide receiver for the Vikings.

Hall wants to make an instant impact as well.

“I see myself being another surprise weapon for the team,” Hall said. “Most people don’t know the talent I have in this game, especially being a sophomore on varsity.”

Now that Viking football has begun, the time to bring everything to the table is here. And now we can see our new faces in action.

“One of my goals is to learn a lot about leading H-F’s football team,” Hall said. “So when I become a junior and senior I can lead the team to state and keep the legacy going.”

The Vikings will try to maintain their undefeated streak tonight against Joliet Central. Last year’s game ended with a 69-0 win for the Vikings