Icon in the making

Fashion has been weaved into Josiah Mcneil’s life ever since he was a young boy. His love for fashion has grown over the years and has now evolved into String and Stitch, Mcneal’s very own fashion company.

From a young age, Mcneal’s parents kept him dressed in the latest trends. It became a vital part of his life and at the age of nine, Mcneal began to gravitate to a fashion of his own.

Mcneal’s strong passion of putting together styles and having an interest and fashion made him want to do more with his talent and his keen eye.

“I’ve always seen celebrities in other clothing brands and the looks they pull off are so inspirational,” Mcneal said. “I’d always dreamed of designing clothes myself, so that’s exactly what I did.”

About two years ago, Mcneal and his father, blank Mcneal started the clothing line, String and Stich. String and Stich sells a variety of t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts all designed by Mcneal.

Mcneal does everything from designing to marketing. He designs the clothing himself and sends them to the manufacturing company that makes the finished, physical product. Mcneal then ships them out after customers order them from his website, stringandstich.com.

Of course, Mcneal is not alone in this process, his father Donald Threets works alongside him and helps make his visions and dreams come to life.

“When Josiah came to me and told me he wanted to design clothes, I felt it was the perfect opportunity to allow him to utilize his talents and learn business lessons that he could use for the rest of his life,” Threets said.

Mcneal has clientele is all over the country but a lot comes from H-F.

“I love to see people walking down the hall in my wearing and enjoying the products that my dad and I produce,” Mcneal said.